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The next time you need quality THC products in Casper, WY, we hope that you'll think of us at High Mountain Hemp & Wellness. We carry a variety of superior strains, including Alien ET (30.2% Indica THC-A), Tres Leches (22.7% Sativa THC-A) and Velvet Koffee (Hybrid THC-A). You'll appreciate that all of our flower products have a certificate of analysis, so you can rest assured that you're getting safe and effective strains.

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THC-A or THCA stands for tetrahydrocannabinolic acid and it is the precursor to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). When cannabis is growing it makes cannabinoids as carboxylic acids that most often convert into non-acidic compounds through a process called decarboxylation. Almost all cannabinoids start off in their acidic form which have differing structures and effects than that of their non-acidic versions. THCa is an inactive cannabinoid contained in the trichomes of live and freshly-harvested cannabis.

Alien ET Hybrid

30.2% THCa
This bud packs a physical high that will have you feeling lifted and pretty aroused from start to finish. You'll feel a light tingle hit you a few minutes after your final exhale as your body is filled with a sense of soothing physical buzzing. This buzz will soon become arousing, so plan ahead if you have things to do. A sense of happy creativity accompanies this physical high, helping your mind to feel activated and active.

Jelly Breath Indica -Dominant Hybrid (90:10)

Jelly Breath (GH) - One does not have to be a canna-seur to appreciate these beautiful frosty buds. Rich purple hues cover the tips of the well-trimmed sugar leaves. Small, tightly curled orange hairs are hidden throughout. As you open the bag one is met with a delicious essence of flowers and berries. Upon breaking down the buds, you'll find beautiful fields of golden stalked trichomes found within. These resinous buds will leave your fingertips sticky by the time the joint is rolled. The dry hit offers distinct lavender accents. Strong flavors of earthy wildflowers coat the tongue upon taking your first hit. As the joint is burned, the floral notes become slightly spicey. Smooth smoke offering a medium throat grab and notable effects. Many users report a quick on set of Indica like effects.

Ice Cream Cake - Indica

ICE CREAM CAKE (GH) THC-A - These beautifully frosted buds are lime green with deep purple tips, but the appearance is not the best part. The smell is loud and profoundly doughy with a sharp lemon-citrus overtone and hints of gas, but the smell is not the best part. Heavily coated in trichomes, the resinous Ice Cream Cake buds will leave a delicious, doughy mark on you before you've even tried it. The taste, a stark reminder of the scent, is arguably the best part. Once lit a robust doughy flavor excites the taste buds. The flavor is strong, yet the smoke is smooth and easy on the throat. This is the type of strain that will have you taking big rips and sporting even bigger smiles. Most report typical indica effects. A blissful cerebral buzz with heavy body effects to accompany. You may or may not want to share with friends... The Ice Cream Cake is so good it almost seems to melt away with consistent use. Do you typically share your Ice Cream?

Tangerine Dream - Sativa

Tangerine Dream (GH) -This Sativa Dominant Hybrid strain is citrusy and delicious. From the looks to the taste, the experience, and the effects. The Tangerine Dream's buds are light green with bright orange hairs that glisten with trichomes. The buds present a robust Tangerine flavor with undertones of sweet cream, reminiscent of an orange dreamsicle. Buds are semi-sticky and leave a sweet smelling resin on the fingers when broken down. Take a dry hit on the joint/blunt to reveal a sweet mandarin orange flavor. The smoke is pleasant and leaves a sweet orange aftertaste on the lips. The Tangerine Dream provides deep calming body effects that coincide with a euphoric cerebral buzz. Warning: You may find yourself happy and relaxed after enjoying the Tangerine Dream.

Wedding Cake - Indica

OUT OF STOCK - Will return late March

Wedding Cake gives an exceptionally sweet aromatic essence and a fruity flavor. The taste is a perfect combination of sweetness of cookies and fruitiness of a apple pie. Upon breaking the seal of your jar, the space will quickly fill with the crisp aroma of high quality THCa flower.

King Sherbet - Indica

King Sherb boasts a sweet yet pungent aroma with gassy, funky, and smooth notes. On the inhale, you can expect to taste sweet cream and chemical funk flavors, followed by a kushy aftertaste. This strain's unique flavor profile is sure to impress. Experience the ultimate euphoria with our Premium Indoor Grown King Sherbert. This powerful Indica-leaning hybrid strain is a cross of OGKB V2.1 and Blue Sherbet and is known for its hard-hitting effects. Perfect for taking the edge off aches and pains, this strain is also full of flavor and boasts an exotic terpene profile.